Foodie (2012) 30 min

Director: Christopher G. Moore

Role: Mueller

PLOT:  Foodie is a short, dark comedy horror film about a food service industry professional who receives an invitation to an exclusive, underground dinner party and finds out there's much more on the menu than he bargained for.


I was fortunate enough to play the lead role in this award-winning film. It’s done very well on the festival circuit and every screening I’ve attended has been a smashing success.  The film almost didn’t get made. We began shooting early in the year with a completely different crew. After two days of shooting, the filmmakers, with the exception of writer Eryk Pruitt, left the film. He was about to give back the Kickstarter money he’d raised, but I suggested we search for another director. After putting the word out on Facebook, Christopher Moore answered the call and a few months later, the entire cast came back and we made the film.

Unspeakable (2011) 13 min

Director: Jonathan Rorech

Role: Cosmo Kirby

IMDB SYNOPSIS:  The short tale of a ghost hunter who makes the mistake of unwittingly pissing off his prey.

This movie had a great professional crew and was pretty much just one long monologue for me.  We did it in one take with multiple cameras since it was so long.  We filmed in a dilapidated church in downtown Raleigh.   

A Killer Christmas Carol (2011) 30 min

Directors: Louis Bekoe, Jaysen P. Buterin

Role:  Eric

When the spirit of Saint Nicholas is broken from a family tragedy, the evil spirit of Krampus is released to take revenge on all responsible.

Dooley 218 (2011) 9 min

Director: William Lilly

Role:  Kinston Raleigh

William Lilly and I were shooting an industrial film for 4 days in Kinston, NC.  We decided to make a little horror short about a ghost hunter who ultimately gets too close to his target.  We didn’t have a laptop or computer handy,  so we had to be careful not to fill up our memory cards or else we wouldn’t be able to finish the film. We even ended up deleting certain takes since we decided we wouldn’t need to use them and we needed the card space

Alicen’s Diary A.K.A. The Ritual  (2011)  78 min

Directors:  Michelle Karman and Michael Spence

Role: Vaughn Daniels

IMDB SYNOPSIS:  Alicen Wyatt, a struggling actress who is recording a video diary in the hopes of securing a reality TV show, is down on her luck - so best friend Jeri Smythe jokes that she should perform a ritual for money. With Alicen's sister Cameron's help, they do so; but after a brief prosperity, an evil entity attacks, demanding payment - with someone's life.


This was an odd shoot. The first day I arrived on set at a cemetery in Winston-Salem, something was definitely off. I saw my good friend Christopher Houldsworth, so I figured everything must be fine. But it was a strange mix of a meet-and-greet and a shoot. I was interviewing people about seeing demons.  After the shoot, I got an email saying everyone in the cast was fired except me and one other actress. A couple of months later, I came back for another shoot, this time at a library in Winston-Salem. Although I was happy to be shooting, the camera they were using was very similar to the Hi8mm camcorder I used back in 2002, so I knew the footage was not going to look very good. I appreciated the ambition of the filmmakers, but I wish the final product could’ve been stronger. 

The Nightmare Hour (2011)

Directed by Priscilla Anany-Williams

Role: The Announcer

This was a very fun shoot. It was a fourth year UNCSA film. That means it’s pretty much like a Hollywood film. There’s a giant crew, professional equipment, and plenty of food.  My role was very much an homage to Rod Serling, so it was immense fun playing a version of him.  Megan Oots played the lead role and we had a great time working together.

Here’s one interesting tidbit. On the day where at least 50 extras were brought to set, it was freezing. There was no place to get warm and we just had to tough it out. A principal actress who was getting eye gouge prosthetics had to wear slippers and a robe. The producer secretly came to myself, the actress, and Megan and asked if we’d like to sit in his car to keep warm. I asked about the extras, and he just shook his head. Having worked on a few other professional sets, this is actually pretty much how it works. The extras have to fend for themselves and the principals get treated like royalty.  It’s not that the producer didn’t care about the extras. That’s just how it works on these kind of sets.

Disengaged (2014)  15 Minutes

Directed by Christopher G. Moore

Role: Alan

Another film with the Foodie crew. I finally got to have authentic, frighteningly real zombie make-up. I only worked one day on the film because of scheduling but it was a gorgeous day and a ton of fun. The short is already doing excellent on festival circuit. It's already matched the number of festivals Foodie was accepted into.