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Mario Warfare (2012)

Directed by Micah Moore

Role: Royal Guard

The first video I’ve been in that’s gone viral. Very proud to have been a part of the series. The first episode is actually the second version of the pilot. It was originally shot with a completely different script. In the original,  I played a detective who tells Mario that the princess has been kidnapped. They decided to go a different route and this is the result.  I'm a Royal Guard working for my old Foodie friend, David Berberian.

Scorpion: The Web Series and Vice City Shakedown (2015)

Director: Roger Paris

Role: Detective Doug Carraway

A lone wolf police officer hunts his city's newest drug lord and it's corrupt Mayor by any means necessary.


Probably the most fun I’ve ever had on set, mainly because I get to say the most horrible things imaginable. It’s incredible the amount of talent involved with this production. Too many to name. I’ve worked with pretty much every actor and actress in the entire cast. Roger allowed me to create this character as a loser. Originally, it was more of a secondary detective who was a little horny and a bit jealous of Rick(Scorpion).  I decided to go darker and make him a pathetic, alcoholic loser. Playing a loser gave me the chance to continually embarrass myself while also giving off the vibe that I was better than everyone else. I also got to say an astonishing amount of foul language. And I was punched in the nuts about 8 times by Lee Armstrong.  The web series is now being edited into a feature.  

scorpion cu fight.jpg
scorpion warehouse shot.jpg
scorpion warehouse shoot.jpg
scorpion rebecca.jpg
scorpion group shot.jpg
scorpion fight.jpg
scorpion 4 shot.jpg
scorpion downtown shoot.jpg

The Shunning (2011)

Director: Michael Landon Jr.

Role: Amish Man

This was the first tv movie I’d ever been in. It was such a joy to unexpectedly get cast simply by a headshot pull. It was being shot 90 minutes away and I had a 4 am call time, so I had to leave by 230 am to get there on time. Although this was definitely supposed to be background work, it was great because there were only three Amish men in the scene. And as we were shooting, an actor in the scene references us, so I realized that we were definitely going to get filmed, which was exciting.  I shot one other day on this film, a big crowd scene in a church. What was amazing was that this scene was cut. It must've cost them a ton to shoot it considering all of the people and crew involved. 

GE Ecomagination Line Dance (2011)

This was a major break for me. It was a huge commercial and since we all were technically principals, everyone on the shoot became SAG Eligible.   Not going to lie, by the end of the day, we all wanted to punch that song in the face. But it didn’t matter, because we ended late and that meant time and a half!

Nascar/Nationwide Commercial

This was shot at the Charlotte Motor Speedway.  I drove there with Keith Kittrelle and we were cracking each other up during the shoot. Probably because it seemed so ridiculous that we were supposed to act like it was summer but it was freezing. As I recall, when we were just supposed to cheer on the non-existent cars, Keith and I kept yelling “Yeah! Yeah! F@#K YEAH!”  

Caught in the Act

Role: Slick Lick Fool

This was pretty crazy. It was a commercial for a brand of gloves with little tips on the end so it would make it easier to press the buttons. I play a man who tries to use his tongue to make the buttons work.  This was done on the street in downtown Raleigh so pretty much everyone walking by got to watch me put my tongue on this plastic sheet over and over.

Slick Lick Fool.jpg
Slick Lick.jpg


Director: Christopher Allight

Role: Norman Bates

I got to be in a Psycho parody! It was enormous fun to make this little commercial. We shot in a rundown old hotel and I studied the original film to get the words just right. Probably a bit too right since the commercial could only be 30 seconds and Anthony Perkins took his time saying a few things. It’s funny that even though you only see the “Mother’s” shadow in the window, they asked me to don the dress. I didn’t say no. 

WMFY Weather Ad.jpg
weather psycho group.jpg
weather psycho with girl.jpg
normal psycho shoot.jpg

Smartphone Apps

Role: Nerdy Guy

This was a little smartphone piece I was in with Tim Rogus. We shot at a Lowe’s in Charlotte. They had permission but were closing off the cereal aisle for the poor customers. Must’ve been pretty annoying for the people trying to get Rice Krispies. I was a guy who couldn’t understand how to scan a barcode, while Tim was the hip, cool guy who gets it right away.  Type Casting.

NCEL’s Scrooge

Role: Townsperson

I finally got a bit part in a North Carolina Education Lottery Commercial. I’d been trying for years to get in one. This particular commercial was shot in Old Salem, I believe in the Spring, so all of the snow was completely fake. The commercial keeps getting played at Christmas time. 

Cheesy DJ   (Joe Bunn DJ Company)

Role: Cheesy DJ

I really went for it with this one. I played an example of a terrible DJ. The script asked for me to be cheesy, but I think I might’ve gone a bit too dark for this one. I tried to ask out the bride and I yelled at the dancers.  It was all in good fun, although later I found out they had to cut a ton of my improv because it came off as just mean. But Joe still thought I did a great job and I certainly gave it all I had.   

bad dj praying.jpg
bad dj dance.jpg
bad dj hat.jpg

LoneRider Beer “Love In A Box”

This was for a commercial contest that was sponsored by LoneRider Beer.   I was supposed to play the lead but was unavailable for that shoot. I got to play a small part at the end. The make-up person didn’t like my first black eye, so she added a second. I look, a bit odd. 


I believe this was a practice film for the Living Arts College. I haven’t seen it myself, but the shoot was fun and quite close to my house, so I didn’t mind. It was directed by my friend, Mike Pearce.  

Jaguar Spec Commercial

Role: Nick

This was for Poptent’s spec commercial contests. You pick a brand and then create a commercial around the guidelines.  Whichever one gets picked receives a cash prize. This one was a ton of fun. We shot at a car dealership, a tv store in Garner, and Sears before it opened. Many of my friends were involved with this one.  

Jaguar Commercial.jpg
jag with rebecca larken.jpg
jaguar shoot tv.jpg
jaguar shoot mall.jpg
jaguar shoot 2.jpg
jaguar mall shoot nick alone.jpg
jaguar group shoot.jpg

The Robbery (2011) WMFY

Director: Christopher Allight

Role: Robber

Enormous fun working with these kids. It was an interesting morning because here are two grown men and we're doing this intense scene. The kids watched, bored, but when we got to the punchline, they loved it.  

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