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Babs Johnson (2005) 


Brussels Cinema Festival 2005

Best Integral Realization

Honolulu International Film Festival 2005

Best Director

Philadelphia Documentary and Fiction Festival

Best Screenplay

San Francisco Golden Gate Fiction and Documentary Festival

Best Cinematography

Strasbourg Film Festival

Best Editing

Basilisk (2013) 


Cape Fear Independent Film Festival

Festival Director's Choice Award

Shared with Jay O'Berski

A Little Harmless Murder (2003) 


Brussels Cinema Festival 2004

Honorable Mention

New York Short Film Festival 2005

Best Actor-Jon Campling

Kamikaze (2005) 


Barcelona Cinema Festival 2005

Best Art Direction

Paris Cinema Festival 2006

Best Screenplay

Prank (2006) 


Barcelona Cinema Festival 2007

Best Director

Awake and Ovulate (2007) 


Paris Cinema Festival 2007

Honorable Mention

Paid To Play (2006) 


Accolade Competition 2005

Award of Excellence

Paris Cinema Festival 2006

Honorable Mention

A Few Good Men (2010) 


Neuse Little Theatre

Cannon Award: Best Actor

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