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The Beaver (2006)  12 min  Raleigh, NC

Director: Nick Karner

Writer: John Paul Middlesworth

With: John Paul Middlesworth and Mark Cornell

IMDB SYNOPSIS:  When Ken discovers that the one and only Jerry Mathers from "Leave It To Beaver" is stopping by, he can barely contain himself. Too bad his best friend Tim won't leave! Can they entertain Mr. Mathers without killing each other?

     John Paul Middlesworth asked me to play a role in his original one-act play. It went over quite well and I thought it could be a very funny little short. Since I didn’t want to act and shoot, I asked him to suggest another actor. He came up with Mark Cornell, another playwright and occassional actor.  I purchased the music rights to “Rock Around The Clock” and shot the film in black and white as an homage to “Leave it to Beaver.”  It was screened at the very first Carrboro Film Festival. 

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