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Shotgun Wedding (2009) 2 min  Cary, NC

Writer/Director: Nick Karner

With:  James Scott Norton, Caroline Overby, Rebecca Karner

IMDB SYNOPSIS: A sleazy lothario gets more than he bargained for after propositioning a waitress and then another customer.

     Another visit from Caroline Overby, another short.  I loved working with James Scott Norton and it was fun to cast him against type, especially as he's the farthest thing from a sleazebag I can imagine.  As I was shooting, though, I realized that the film just wasn’t working.  It wasn’t funny enough. But what could I do? I remembered a story my girlfriend in college told me about how she’d get guys to leave her alone. They’d ask for her name, and she’d say, in as low a tone as possible, “Steve.”  My wife was sitting as an extra, and I asked her to just look at the camera and say, “Steve.”  I dubbed in my own voice and it made a great capper for the film.  

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