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SANDY!  (2007)  2 min.  Raleigh, NC

Writer/Director: Nick Karner

With: Nick Karner and Sandy the Dog.


This was a ridiculous film.  Pure silliness. My wife’s dog, Sandy, did this thing where whenever you’d howl at her for a little while, she’d howl back.  The funniest thing was that the look on her face seemed to indicate that she not only couldn’t help herself, but somehow she was trying desperately to resist. My friend, Daniel McCabe, made me play it for him five times in a row because he couldn’t stop laughing at it.  The line  “I have certain needs…” was actually a lift from Steve Oedekerk’s FrankenThumb.  I just found that line too funny to resist re-creating for this.  The dog barking in the background is our dog, Sadie.  She had to be tied down off-camera so she wouldn’t ruin the film.  

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