NADIA     (2014)    80 Min.    Durham/Efland, NC

Director: Jay O’Berski

Writer:  David Turkel

Producer/Cinematographer/Editor: Nick Karner

With: J Evarts, Lucius Robinson, Alice Rose Turner, Jeffrey Detwiler, Jessica Flemming

PLOT:  A controversial Russian artist named Nadia is interviewed by a student.  Slowly, both she and her boyfriend are drawn into Nadia’s dark and bleak world. 

History and Trivia:  

     This is the second film I’ve shot for Jay O’Berski.  It’s definitely no less ambitious than Basilisk, although the cast size is much smaller and most of the film was shot on a farm in Efland.  Working from a play by David Turkel, this was a dialogue-heavy film with a spare, rough look.  I shot the scenes set in the 80’s with my old Sony Hi-8mm camcorder and the grainy, flat look was just what I was looking for. As usual, Jay is able to coax great performances out of actors while also letting them shed inhibitions, and clothing, in the process. I’m always very impressed by films shot independently that have these explicit elements. I don’t think enough films take these kind of chances and I’m glad to be a part of them.