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Letting Go (2009) 9 min  Raleigh, NC

Director: William Lilly

Cinematographer: Nick Karner

With: Darrell Parker, Adrienne Harvey, Meghan King

     This was a highly personal film for Will and his family since they’d lost a child. The film tells the story of a man who’s lost his family.  He visits the various places they used to go and reminisces via flashbacks.  It turns out that he’s a ghost and the film ends with him watching his own funeral. 

     The film was shot entirely in one day. Will had previously lived in the apartment complex so the property manager allowed him to use an empty and furnished apartment, giving the film authenticity.  One problem we ran into was the difficulty in hiding Darrell’s shadow since ghosts don’t cast shadows.  Finally, we worked it out, but it was definitely an amusing moment during a somber filming day.

     One very odd thing happened during the casting process. Will had seen a short film and wanted to cast one of the actresses from it. Unfortunately, he didn’t have the correct name, so when the actress arrived, he realized that she was the other actress in the short.  

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