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Good Listener (2011)   1 min    Cary, NC

Writer/Director: Nick Karner

With Caroline Overby and Dean Jones

Plot: Nancy is distraught. Her life is a mess, but now she thinks she's found the perfect man who listens to her problems

     Caroline Overby is an actress currently working in New York. We met and dated in high school.  Just about every time she came down for a visit she’d ask if we could shoot a film together. This was one of them. I knew I only had a day or so to shoot something with her, so I came up with this dark little one-take-wonder.  Dean Jones is a great actor who understood just how to deliver the punchline to the scene.  I shot this in an empty restaurant with a dolly track and the Panasonic HVX-200.  At FilmSpark in downtown Raleigh, it was the opening film in their film slate, so it was nice to know that it was a good way to get the screening going.  

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