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EVE AND EMILY (Not Yet Released) Hood River, Oregon

Writer/Director: Daniel McCabe

Producer/Assistant Director: Nick Karner

With:   Jan Brehm, Cait Powers, Adam Davis, David Withers


PLOT:  A chamber film, taking place over the course of 12 hours in a house in Hood River, Oregon.  A middle-aged couple, Eve and John, invite a younger couple, Paul and Emily, over for dinner.  Eve is the owner of a successful law firm and Paul is her new associate lawyer.  She hopes to get to know Paul and his wife, Emily, better over the course of this dinner party.  Filmmakers hope to create a film in the style of Ingmar Bergman.  Inspired by films such as: “The Passion of Anna(1969),” “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?(1966),” and “Scenes From a Marriage(1973)”.


History and Trivia:

    Ever since I’ve known Daniel McCabe, his love for Ingmar Bergman films has been the driving force behind his filmmaking aspirations. Even in his post-apocalyptic science fiction films, Bergman’s influence(and to a lesser, even unconscious extent, Tarkovsky’s) can be seen throughout his work. Dan feels that this is the first time he is making a genuine Bergmanesque film. I couldn’t agree more. Taking place almost entirely in one location, this is a “dark night of the soul” film.  It’s full of monologues, silences, and bitter, sharp dialogue.  

    Dan flew me out to Oregon and we worked on pre-production at his house. He spared no expense when it came to making this film the real deal. I believe I paid him the highest compliment I could when I said of his footage: “It looks like a real movie.”  The house we rented was massive, so we were able to shoot both couple’s houses in the same location. Dan’s Kessler crane rig was highly impressive and we did some spectacular overhead shots as well as long dolly shots. We’ve come a long way since using Wal-Mart clip lights and putting red gels over camera lenses instead of just adding it in post. 


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